We believe that all students deserve the best education, regardless of where they live or learn.

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Our Approach

We work closely with each school to understand its unique needs and match students with the best educators. iTutor's ongoing support means your teachers and students will always get what they need to succeed.


Customized Education

Out live, virtual instruction is tailored to your school's needs. We offer one-one-on learning, small group classes, and full classroom education - it all depends on what works for your students.


Quality Instruction

iTutor's data-driven instruction is aligned to your state's standards. Recordings of live classes makes it easy to ensure education quality and student accountability.


Ongoing Support

The iTutor academics team ensures regular communication between teachers and school administrators. From attendance to student engagement, we've got you covered.


What I appreciate most about iTutor is the flexibility. If you ask teachers(students too) what their biggest problem is, they'll likely answer a lack of time. With iTutor, we're able to use time most efficiently, We're not locked into the traditional after-school tutoring window, which becomes increasingly important as students get older and their responsibilities and time demands change. Whatever your instructional needs, iTutor can meet them.

-Kristin Seay, Midlands GEAR UP Project Director

Personally, I feel that iTutor was a real blessing for our family and for my relationship with my daughter. It was a real struggle for us to work together, we have very different styles of learning. Even though I am a teacher at the college level, I found it difficult to connect with her and help her learn.

-Tiffany T., Parent

I had a really big problem with just understanding formulas in Algebra, and remembering things, and iTutor really helped me to get over that. I was really having trouble with one subject, but then my teacher explained it with animals, and that made it a whole lot easier to remember. I feel a whole lot more confident in math.

-Tytajha R., 10th Grader

As a small school, we cannot offer conventional classes to suit all of our students’ interests. iTutor is the perfect complement to our academic program and is an entirely new way to offer instruction within a school setting. I have tremendous faith and trust in the quality of iTutor’s services.

-James Bertsch, Assistant Principal, Iris Wolfson High School

Our Technology

Our user-friendly technology is cloud-based, and operates on most devices (iPad, Chromebook's, Pcs, etc.), requiring headphones, camera, microphone, and an internet connection.

Prefer we use your school's existing system? We can do that too!

check-mark   LIVE 2-way audio video

check-mark   Recorded sessions available to students & school admins

check-mark   Virtual whiteboard with drawing and writing tools

check-mark   Document and image upload features

check-mark   CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Code Editor

Learning. Can't. Wait.

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