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iTutor is a flexible, permanent learning solution. Our state-certified educators are available to become your full-time teachers, or to simply fill in the gaps where your schools need a little help.

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Our virtual education platform allows educators to work directly with your students no matter where they are.


Our fully licensed certified educators are available to fill short and long-term teaching needs for general education, special education,and advanced placement courses of any size.


From daily attendance to parent-teacher conferences, your iTutor educators will operate as integrated members of your school district.


We have certified educators who deliver instruction to students in grades K-12 across a wide range of courses and subjects.

"iTutor provided individual attention to students at the level they were. These were actual instructors who genuinely tried to develop relationships with our students, know our students, and keep up with them. To me, iTutor is the way to go. It individualizes and personalizes learning, and makes it relevant." 

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