Research Brief: Small Group Tutoring

iTutor Students Demonstrate Significant Gains on a Standardized Measure of Math

Students in a remote Alaskan district experiencing barriers to educational services received virtual, supplemental math instruction from iTutor’s certified educators. We analyzed student standardized test data to determine the impact of iTutor services on math achievement.

small group tutoring

Impact Brief: Supporting Homebound Students

iTutor Provides Core Content for Homebound Students

More parents may be opting for students to receive instruction in home. Learn how iTutor can meet this growing need and the impact these services have on students currently in homebound placements.

student homebound on laptop with parent

Impact Brief: Supporting Students with Disabilities

iTutor Educators Support Student With Disabilities in a Virtual Environment

Despite the benefits of distance-learning models for many students with disabilities, addressing IEP goals in a virtual environment can be challenging. Learn how iTutor’s certified educators can make a difference.

Impact Brief: Virtual Suspension

iTutor Virtual Suspension Program Helps Districts Make-Up Lost Instructional Time

Suspension, in-school or home, can lead to lost instructional time for students. Learn how iTutor has helped to make up this lost instructional time through virtual suspension services.

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