Impact Brief | Virtual Suspension

Juggling staffing needs for both in- and out-of-school suspension populations can be difficult for schools. Providing on-demand instruction to an ever-changing number of students while limiting lost instructional time from suspension can be a logistical headache for support personnel. With limited faculty resources, schools face an additional challenge in ensuring compliance around hours of instructional time provided to students on suspension.

How can schools provide a safe, on-demand instructional environment for students once they are placed on suspension without affecting their faculty supports district-wide?

iTutor’s Solution Highlights:

  • Recent estimates show that nationally, students have lost 11 million days of instruction due to suspension across one academic year.
  • To ensure students miss fewer minutes of valuable instructional time, iTutor offers a virtual suspension program, providing synchronous instruction from a certified educator.
  • In one academic year, iTutor educators were able to offer 45,000 minutes of synchronous instruction to suspended students, making up three and a half hours of lost instructional time per student!
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