A plus on exam

Uplift Student Test Scores Without Increasing Teacher Workload

Imagine you are a principal, and you walk into a teacher’s room during their prep period and say, “Good morning; we have decided to hire a handful of teachers and content area experts to work with your students specifically on the skills you identified as needing more support leading up to end-of-year state testing.”


How would your teacher respond? 

Choice 1: Fall out of your chair in amazement

Choice 2: Jump up and down, clapping in celebration

Choice 3: Respond, “Is this an April Fool’s joke?”


I know this sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t have to be. iTutor works with schools to do just this. In one-to-one, small groups, or even whole class sessions, our virtual educators work directly with the classroom teacher to meet the needs of their students to prepare for end-of-year exams. 

The iTutor difference; the classroom teacher is in control.


  1. The classroom teacher has the ability to identify what skills each student or student group needs to work on and assign the student groups.


Before instruction begins with iTutor, the classroom teacher may create student groups at their discretion. Teachers often create homogenous groups based on previous testing performances designed to help students reach the next performance level. This helps to provide better-targeted instruction by identifying a clear goal for each group.


  1. The classroom teacher is in frequent communication with the iTutor Educator.


Each week iTutor’s educators will send an update on student progress on the materials and topics covered during their sessions. With iTutor, students will be provided instruction with the same educator for the length of their sessions. The iTutor Educator will get to know the students and be able to provide informed progress reports based on student growth over the course of their scheduled sessions.


  1. The classroom teacher has the option to provide the curriculum or materials they want the iTutor Educator to cover.


iTutor does not use its own curriculum. While our educators are available to create their own lesson plans, all decisions made around the curriculum are based on the information provided by the classroom teacher. You may provide a full curriculum with pre-set activities and a list of goals for each group, or you can just provide the state standards you would like covered. Whatever information the classroom teacher decides to share, the iTutor Educator will create hands-on, engaging lessons designed to support preparation for the exam.


These advantages provide students the additional support they need to increase their end-of-year test scores without asking the teacher to adjust or change their year-long lesson plans. Your teachers know their students best; that’s why iTutor puts them in control.


If you are looking for a way to provide direct instruction to your students on state standards aligned with test specifics, schedule a meeting today. Your teachers will thank you for it!