New Talent for iTutor: Uncertified Tutors

We may be biased here at iTutor, but we believe teachers hold THE most important role. I am also steadfast in my belief that teachers aren’t solely professionals that come from higher education teacher preparation programs. While I learned some things from my graduate education program, my real expertise and experience came from being with students. Many schools across the country are bound by the expectations set by states about what a teacher is and has to do to be in the classroom. We treasure our certified educators, but also see an opportunity to widen our talent pool to better meet the needs of students across the country.


This fall, we will be incorporating tutors as a resource for schools! Why you ask?


  1. Accessible pricing. Some districts simply cannot afford supplemental services with certified educators. This has, historically, left us unable to solve for their students’ academic needs.

  2. Questioning the status quo of credentialism. The professional world is wrought with credentialism resulting in red tape that prevents folks who do not have higher education certifications from gaining experience needed to grow as professionals. We will vet our tutors to ensure they are highly qualified and prepared to support students, but we will not mandate college degrees.

  3. More teachers to support students! With an extensive national teacher shortage, opening our pool of talent to professionals who do not have a teaching certificate means there are more resources available to students who need them. This concurrently addresses long-term national teacher needs by creating a funnel of individuals who may pursue teaching certifications in the future.


We stand by our mission to provide high-quality instruction to students across the country. Our decision to offer schools the choice of highly vetted tutors for supplemental services means we have the opportunity to touch more student lives for the 22-23 school year…and beyond!


Interested in becoming an online tutor with iTutor? Meet our iTutor Educator Recruitment Team and schedule a chat to learn more.

Are you a school administrator interested in how you can incorporate online tutors into your school system? Schedule a meeting with one of our regional account executives to design a plan exclusive to your students learning needs.