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"Teaching with iTutor, I can really reach and motivate each student. Even if a child had been lost in a large classroom setting, they want to learn. I am able to figure out what they are having trouble with and clear the path for their growth. Plus, I loved the flexibility of iTutor’s platform. I can have notes prewritten to save time in class and accomplish so much more with my instructional time." 

Mary Lee Compitello, NYS Certified Mathematics Teacher  

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Help a Generation of Learners Succeed

We believe that all students deserve the best education, regardless of where they live or learn. We also believe that the very best educators deserve a flexible, nourishing environment in which they can do their best work.

Through iTutor's online services and virtual platform, educators can maximize their potential bringing their greatest talents to the students that need them most.

Educational opportunities no longer need to be tied to zip code, geography, or luck. Join our nationwide community of state-certified educators today to start making your biggest impact.


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Hear from iTutor Educators:

Gina Spagnoli
Paul Sheffield
iTutor Educators represent all states, grades, and subject areas, but share a common desire for the flexibility to work from anywhere and to access a range of assignments that match their certification area(s).
  • What experience or credentials are required to teach with iTutor? 
    • iTutor Educators are required to hold a current US teaching certification from any state and in any subject area. Assignment availability will vary based on the current demand for services in your certification area(s).

  • Do I need any special equipment or computer programs as an iTutor Educator? 
    • You’ll just need stable internet access, a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, and a headset with a microphone. There’s no special software to download -- all sessions occur on iTutor’s own virtual LMS that can be accessed through our website.

  • Does iTutor offer any platform technology training or Professional Development? 
    • Yes! Through iTutor’s professional development community, Clerisy, you will receive asynchronous training on our technology platform and have the opportunity to participate in various PD programs. Instructional Coaches are also available to answer any questions you may have. As an iTutor Educator, these resources are available for free and may even provide you with opportunities to earn CTE/CTLE credits towards maintaining your teaching certification.
  • How do I receive assignments?
    • Once you complete your onboarding as an independent iTutor Educator, you will have online access to the Assignment Opportunity Board. There you will see qualified assignments based on your certification state(s) and content area(s), and will have the ability to choose those that match your interests and availability.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of classes I would be required to teach?
    • Nope! You may take on as many or as few classes as your schedule permits, based on our current availability of assignments.
  • How long does each program or assignment last? And how long is each individual session?
    • The duration of each assignment will vary based on each school’s individual requirements. Programs can run anywhere from a single session up to an entire school year. Individual session times will vary, but on average are approximately one hour long.
  • How many students am I expected to teach in each session?
    • iTutor Educators have the opportunity to work with students one-to-one, in small groups of 3-4 students, or sometimes an entire class based on the assignments you choose.
  • Who supplies the classwork or lesson plans for each assignment?
    • This can vary based on each specific program. The work is sometimes provided by the Teacher of Record at the school, while other times you will be asked to create your own content and may need to draw on your own lessons or OER (Open Education Resources) materials.
  • How much will I earn as an iTutor Educator?
    • iTutor Educators are Independent Contractors (1099) and are paid per session that they teach. The rates, which include prep time, start at $27/hour but vary per assignment, based on the program requirements and number of students. The rate is negotiated through the Assignment Opportunity Board at the time that you accept an assignment.
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