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Create a Custom Schedule

We'll match you to students based on current assignments and your availability, year-round, seven days a week, so you can work as much or as little as you like.​

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Have the flexibility to teach from home or anywhere! All instruction is online with access to tech support and coaching.

Supplement Your Income

As an independent contractor, you'll be an education entrepreneur and earn additional income doing what you love - teaching.

Impact Students Across the Nation

You're not limited to working just with students in your local community. Assignments matching your certification may be available across the U.S.

Join a Community of Engaged Educators

Connect and share best practices with educators who are committed to providing students with measurable academic success!

Access Free Professional Development & Earn Credit

Gain experience teaching on our virtual platform while building skills through access to unlimited PD and Instructional Coaching.

We are looking for High Impact, State Certified Educators in all subjects

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Educator Insights

Why Educators Love iTutor

iTutor has been a wonderful place to work. I can make my own schedule, make extra income and work with amazing students. I have been able to become very proficient in teaching digitally because using technology in this way will continue in the future. I have met wonderful educators through our Facebook page and we learn from each other. It has been a great support system for the teachers. iTutor is evolving and changing to become the digital platform that will be the industry leader.

Robin Renner

Robin Renner

iTutor Educator

Being an iTutor educator in French, Spanish, Italian and Latin has enabled me to keep my love of languages and language skills alive post-retirement, and to share this passion with my students. It affords a fulfilling avenue for earning income from home, opportunities for collaboration with other educators, and many valuable teaching resources. I am glad to be a part of this organization!

Lauren Wood-Radcliffe

Lauren Wood-Radcliffe

iTutor Educator

iTutor has enriched my life. I enjoy the opportunities to tutor students one-on-one.

I use the LMS to engage my students. They participated in lessons by adding their comments to the chat and on the whiteboard. I also play short YouTube videos and give them opportunities to discuss what they have learned.

Marie G. Bastien

Marie G. Bastien

iTutor Educator

iTutor has definitely positively impacted my life. I've definitely learned a lot of teaching and organization strategies while working with iTutor. I feel more structured which I have definitely passed on to the students and the students are benefiting from my growth as well.

Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown

iTutor Educator

iTutor has allowed me to meet new educators and students from different places. Therefore, I am able to learn and share experiences from other teachers which allows me to grow professionally.

Victoria Vanderschaaf

Victoria Vanderschaaf

iTutor Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

iTutor Educators are required to hold an active U.S. teaching certification from any state, in any subject area. Assignment availability will vary based on the current demand for services in your certification area(s).

iTutor is both! We get all of our assignments directly from the school districts that we partner with across the country. Assignments range from one-on-one sessions to whole-class instruction, including educator placement (where we place a virtual educator directly in a school district).

Assignments are provided to educators based on their state and license area determined by the instructional service type and school agreement. Only once accepted, the essential information about the program and students is shared through our protected LMS for the educator to begin prepping for their first session with students.

Yes, you choose from available set assignments that come directly from the school district partners. Once you complete orientation and become an independent iTutor Educator, you will have access to view qualified assignments based on your certification state(s) and content area(s) with the ability to choose those that match your interests and availability. We may also email you opportunities directly in an effort to fulfill assignments.

To help you choose assignments, pertinent information such as class size, grade level, subject area, number of students, and pay rate will be detailed within the assignment description

iTutor Educators are Independent Contractors (1099) and are paid per session they complete. The rates, which include prep time, start at $30/hour but vary per assignment, based on the program requirements and the number of students. On average, iTutor Educators earn $35/hour. 

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