Impact Brief | Supporting Students With Disabilities

Small group or one-on-one instruction focused on mastery of IEP goals through a tailored and individualized learning environment is the cornerstone of effective instruction for students with disabilities (SWD). But finding the time during the school day to provide that level of personalized instruction to every student proves challenging for schools.


Read more to see how schools across the country embraced virtual instruction to provide that level of instruction for their students from SWD (special education) certified educators with iTutor.


Key Results:

  • Despite the benefits of distance-learning models for many students with disabilities (SWD), addressing individualized education plan (IEP) goals in a virtual environment can be challenging. During the COVID-19 pandemic, districts struggled to provide appropriate and sufficient support to address IEP goals in a distance learning environment.
  • iTutor currently staffs hundreds of SWD certified educators, able to provide targeted instruction addressing academic IEP goals in a virtual environment.
  • In one academic year, iTutor educators were able to support nearly 500 students with disabilities with their IEP goals. These sessions added up to over 18,000 hours of instruction!



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