Impact Brief | Supporting Homebound Students

Schools are seeing expanded requests for students to qualify for homebound or home-based instruction. Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, at-home instruction was required only to support a small percentage of students with health impairments for either short-or long-term disabilities. Now schools are seeing more requests from students struggling with fears around personal safety, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Though requests are increasing, districts are reluctant to invest substantial resources in restructuring their past services. Still, they desire to provide all students with the level of instruction they deserve.


With limited resources, how can schools provide personalized, at-home instruction for students in a scalable manner for growing requests?


iTutor’s Solution Highlights:

  • Homebound services are a necessity for many students with disabilities or health impairments and can offer the same academic rigor and outcomes as in-person learning. 
  • More caregivers are opting for virtual or in-home instruction in the wake of COVID-19 but may struggle to find educators with the necessary certifications.
  • iTutor staffs over 1,000 certified educators to teach core, credit-bearing courses. These educators provided over 37,000 hours of instruction to homebound students last year!
student homebound on laptop with parent



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