Supporting All Students With 3 Easy Solutions

iTutor sources thousands of licensed educators annually. Here are three ways you can implement the use of iTutor Educators to help provide additional instruction to your students.
  1. Use study halls to provide personalized instruction. With only one support staff monitoring a large study hall room, provide individualized instruction for students through interventions, tutoring, and enrichment. By running small group instruction with iTutor, all students can have access to quality instruction without asking your staff to give up their prep time!
  2. Learning doesn’t need to be limited to the school day. If you have students who could benefit from pre-teaching or re-teaching materials, this can be scheduled with iTutor for before or after school. Students who participate in school activities should also have access to evening or weekend tutoring from licensed educators without asking teachers to stay later to provide additional support.
  3. Include additional IEP support during class periods. After instruction takes place a student(s) can be paired with a special education teacher to support them while students complete their work. The teacher in the classroom can share the student work of the day with the iTutor Educators and they will be prepared to provide modified instruction to assist the students during work completion and work towards their subject level IEP goals.
Don’t forget iTutor sources top-quality, state-certified educators nationwide to help schools challenged by teacher shortages.  If you would like to explore some of these options, contact us today!