Resource Room

Virtual instruction that puts students learning needs first.

iTutor Educators design instruction to build individual students’ confidence and growth within the school curriculum.

Our Resource Room:

  • Deliver customized, high-engagement, high-quality instruction
  • Provide access to certified educators specialized in supporting students with disabilities
  • Accessible instruction designed to enhance the brick-and-mortar school curriculum
  • Relationship building is the foundation of all lesson planning and student engagement

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Disrupt outdated implementation practices

**iTutor Educators are available to participle in CSE meetings upon request.

Language Matters

Has your school made the change to using Students with Disabilities language vs Special Education? Learn why iTutor has made the shift company-wide.

Hear From iTutor Partners

Jill Snuzska, Director of Special Education at Depew School District, tells us how iTutor has helped her students overcome education gaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • iTutor solutions are eligible for a wide range of funding resources. To see which funding source may be best suited for this service, visit our Funding Sources page.

  • Enrollment is available for up to 10 students. This small group format allows students to work closely with the instructor to focus on independent mastery of goals. 

  • Sessions are best scheduled during the academic day or in the early afternoon after school hours. Providing additional support throughout the summer or school breaks is available as well.

iTutor Is Available To Help Identify The Appropriate Funding To Meet Your Goals