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Cognia Accredited
core instruction

Core Instruction

iTutor certified educators teach K–12 credit-bearing courses, in full or part, across all subjects. Instruction may occur in 1:1, small group, and whole class implementations, in both home and brick and mortar settings. iTutor certified educators can also provide synchronous credit recovery instruction and virtual suspension alternatives.

A Message From Our Partner:

Our students loved being a part of the intensive academic intervention program and have requested it again.

The ease of communication between our staff and iTutor’s staff was great! We were sold on our pilot program within two months, and the kids responded well. We found in our case, the one to three teacher-student ratios worked best for us.”

—Angela Fanjul, Dual Immersion Academy

Supplemental Instruction

iTutor Educators provide synchronous, individualized instruction to meet and exceed the needs of each student. Certified educators can target mandated instruction on IEPs, skill gaps to improve performance on state assessments, and provide enrichment and remediation via tutoring in 1:1 and group settings. iTutor Educators can also provide as needed support and instruction in a drop-in homework help setting.

A message from our partner:

“…the iTutor teacher can identify areas of learner weakness in real-time and modify instruction accordingly. Providing this level of instant feedback is a hallmark of best practices in synchronous tutoring.”

Johns Hopkins University School of Education: Center for Research and Reform in Education

Service Enhancements

Instruction with iTutor Educators is designed to meet the unique needs of your students. iTutor staffs certified educators able to support multilingual learners, students with disabilities, AP, IB, and college-level students, ensuring instruction is targeted and individualized. Our educators who serve as subject matter experts, deliver high-quality instruction and can virtually co-teach with your brick and mortar teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iTutor is curriculum agnostic. This allows our educators to work directly with content provided by the school’s administrator, teacher of record, or student. If a school does not choose to provide a curriculum our licensed educators use their knowledge and content area expertise to identify student need. The option for curriculum development is available as a Service Enhancement whenever needed.

Educators working with iTutor undergo rigorous screening processes when applying, including state licensure verification, teaching demo, and a background check. Once approved, an educator is required to complete an in-depth review of all policies, best practices for serving all student needs, and our mandated reporting workflow before they are able to take on assignments.

Assignments are provided to educators based on their state and license area determined by the instructional service type and school agreement. Only once accepted, the essential information about the program and students is shared through our protected LMS for the educator to begin prepping for their first session with students.

All of iTutor’s Instructional Solutions provide schools with attendance reporting. Students working with iTutor for 1:1 core instruction will be provided with end-of-session reports and a quarterly report card. 

iTutor Educators maintain grade books for core instructional services in 1:many group settings to be shared directly with the district to determine final student grades.

All of them! iTutor provides instruction in 1:1, small group, and whole-class formats. With drop-in homework sessions, you can expand access to an educator to a large number of students during a scheduled time as needed.

By pairing some of the Service Enhancement options with your chosen instructional services, students with disabilities and multilingual learners can have access to the best educators suited for their needs.