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Non-Traditional Homework Support For Students

As a student, the hour from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday was the worst hour of every day. Why? I was a student with ADHD and an athlete. I had just spent the last six hours of my school day being told to “focus,” “stop disrupting my classmates,” and to “be quiet.” Having to do this for one more hour felt like torture. Also, as an athlete, I missed or was late for practice when I attended homework help. None of this endured me to homework help.


For many students, the hour directly after school is not the best time for homework help. Now, as a teacher myself, I understand why it is scheduled during the last hour of the school day. It happens not to be what’s best for the student; it’s actually what’s best for the system.


How can we make homework help more conducive to student engagement?

  1. Offer a more flexible scheduling solution.

Homework help doesn’t need to take place at the end of the school day if your school teachers are not the ones supplying the tutoring. Giving athletes the ability to access help at night after games and practice by allowing students a mental break between the school day with extra help can increase student engagement and buy-in.


  1. Provide a new perspective on the content.

Hearing content from a new perspective or explaining it differently is instrumental for struggling students. While it is essential to ensure the same instructor is working with students to build rapport, there is something to be said about leaving behind anything that happened during the school day and working with someone new.


  1. Ensure consistency and reliability.

Students are more likely to engage when they know what to expect during a session and what will be expected of them. Be sure that the same person is providing the instruction during each session and that the session takes place on the same day and time each week. This will increase student attendance and help to reduce anxiety.


  1. Alignment with the school curriculum.

Communication between the teacher of record and the person providing homework help is crucial. When students ask for assistance on assignments, it is crucial for the tutor to know what the assignment expectations are. With clear communication, tutors can access the course syllabus to better understand the topics and content covered and be aware of important assignments students may reach out for assistance on.


Creating multiple pathways for students to access homework help is essential to support the students like me. While direct after-school tutoring may work for some, there are others for who it will not. iTutor’s community of educators and content area experts are standing by to provide alternative support methods to ensure all students can access help when needed.


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