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Meet Kris Tedesco, Your New York Consultant.
Kris - iTutor

Student Supports

Services designed to reinforce or enhance classroom instruction so every student succeeds.

Tutoring provides a flexible and intelligent means for supplementing curriculum with the help of state certified instructors. Special areas of focus are identified within subjects, while high impact strategies are applied to support the specific needs of at-risk learners. Progress is continually monitored to inform decisions about adaptive changes, interventions, and student goals.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Offer practical support to improve academic performance and boost student confidence
  • Tailor instruction to the unique learning needs of students based on actionable data
  • Easily reach students in groups of any size—or on a 1:1 basis—with anytime, anywhere access

Provides specialized virtual instruction—delivered by a Certified Students With Disabilities Teacher in a range of systematic, accessible formats—to meet the needs of every learner. With a focus on working towards mastery of students’ IEP goals, iTutor’s Resource Room provides a dedicated time to scaffold instruction in core classes, accelerate individual learning needs, and track data for classroom teachers and committee on special education meetings.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Access to qualified and experienced educators to meet the specific needs of students
  • Facilitate full or part-time resource room instruction
  • Support students with disabilities with accommodations, modifications, and regular IEP goal progress-monitoring

Provide students and families with a safe and effective method for children facing suspension. iTutor’s state certified instructors ensure the completion of schoolwork with a focus on psychosocial support designed to increase students’ chances of academic success.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Support families and students with consistent, high-quality lessons to keep them on-track
  • Align home instruction to synch with the curriculum taught in brick-and-mortar schools
  • Help prevent students from falling behind their peers during their suspension period

Bring the classroom curriculum home with the help of our highly-experienced, state certified teachers. iTutor provides a classroom without walls that synchs with the brick and mortar school experience so that homebound students can excel along with their classmates.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Align home instruction to synch with the curriculum taught in brick-and-mortar schools
  • Coordinate, monitor, and assess the entire teaching process
  • Support families and students with consistent, high quality lessons

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Content Area Experts

Utilize iTutor’s pool of certified educators to provide hours of live instruction from the same instructor with the unique certification you need.

Collaborative Design

Session lessons and instructional design directly Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Tailored Instruction

Live instruction allows our educators to pivot in real-time and personalize lessons in collaboration with  New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS).

Efficacy Reporting

The Academic Data Analysis team can provide a summative analysis of student progress on all relevant performance metrics on request.

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Kris - iTutor

Meet Kris Tedesco
iTutor Senior Sales Executive

Over his 16-year career, Kris has developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of educators and schools. He has made valuable connections throughout the educational space from New York to New England. He can assure school districts that when they connect with iTutor, they will enter into a true partnership in every aspect. Kris will be your dedicated consultant to meet and exceed your goals for the school year.

As a busy and dedicated dad of two daughters, Kris loves watching his girls perform gymnastics and dance. He also enjoys all Boston sports teams, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and traveling.

Why Education?

“I love the fact that I can have a direct impact on a students academic success. The education market is both challenging, and rewarding, and has helped me grow as a professional.”

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