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Marcus Glass - iTutor

Meet Marcus Glass
iTutor Senior Sales Executive​

Marcus has worked in education for over seven years. Fueled by his passion for helping young people access a lifelong love of learning, you will see his knowledge of education and compassion in every interaction. He is dedicated to developing solid relationships with the administrators he works with to create unique solutions that meet student needs.

Marcus lives life focusing on the bigger picture and “not sweating the small stuff.” He loves traveling the world, trading options, and is passionate about sports. When not at work, you can most often find him playing basketball and golf.

Why Education?

“I love working in education because it gives me a sense of giving back to our youth. Furthermore, I love working within the education space because educational personnel are some of the nicest, warmest, and most considerate people around, always focused on students’ priorities first while ensuring the school district’s goals are met.”

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