We envision a world where teachers and students alike feel valued and equipped to succeed in a world that continues to evolve and change.

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We are a team of educators, administrators, operators, national and international professionals, all unified around the relentless pursuit of advancing student achievement and providing equal educational opportunity to all.


Executive Team


Ysiad Ferreiras - CEO

Repeat founder. Two exits. $0->$16M+ in <2.5 yrs at Hustle, inc. Raised $50M+ in Venture Capital. 2018 Hispanics in Philanthropy Innovators Award. UPenn dropout.


Hayley Spira-Bauer - CAO

Lifelong educator. Harlem Village Academies school founder. Teach for America alumni. Creator of iTutor’s education branch. Host of a nationally recognized webinar and podcast series. BA UPenn. MST Pace. Advisory Board – Inspiring Educators.


John Stockdale - CTO

Repeat founder. Former Facebook, NVIDIA, VW ERL, VideoSurf (acquired by MSFT). Open Source advocate, active angel investor, and founder of Helping Hands—a community based non-profit. Electrical Engineering - Stanford. 


Hamed Masri - CFO

Repeat founder. $80m+ in growth capital, M&A, restructuring. Cofounder at robu.io, Factura, and Sequence Labs. Music producer, Aspen Scholar, WEF Global Shaper. BSc Wharton School – UPenn.


Jan Richards - CRO

Jan comes to iTutor with over 30 years of experience in the education space both as a certified educator and a sales and marketing professional. Jan started her career as a high school teacher within the business department. Over the past two decades, she has worked to lead the sales and marketing efforts of several regional and national sales teams.