iTutor Means Limitless Growth for Talent

From Teacher to Director of Marketing – pinch me now!

If you work in the education space you have heard about “The Great Resignation” of teachers who are leaving their school-based positions for corporate ones. I reached my own limit in 2018 and went in search of greater challenges within the EdTech space.

As an educator, I didn’t see my value in the corporate world outside of professional development or instructional coaching so those were the jobs I sought out. 

Here I am now – Director of Marketing! How’d that happen?

Enter iTutor. iTutor sees talented people and propels them forward. 

I began at iTutor as an Instructional Coach on the Academics Team.  I mean what teacher wouldn’t fall in love with a company that proudly boasts the mission “We envision a world where teachers and students alike feel valued and equipped to succeed in a world that continues to evolve and change.” Over the course of that first year, I began taking on more and more responsibilities and identifying that I had a strong ability for creating organization and workflows – thank you classroom management! 

I grew to be the Assistant Director of Academics and then the Director of Professional Development because my managers saw that I was eager to take on new responsibilities and face challenges. By developing creative solutions with team collaboration across the organization I was able to support in addressing company-wide goals. iTutor looks for individuals driven to tackle the challenges they may face on the road to excellence. They saw that in me.


I know right? I was shocked to receive a call one day from our CEO to ask me to take on this position. My response… “I can try but you know I am not qualified for this right?” He just laughed and said you are exactly what we need. Anyone can learn the skills, jargon, and best practices of a new role but people management, organization, and determination are not as easily developed. 

iTutor believes when you find someone with an eagerness to tackle new challenges you develop that talent relentlessly. 

Interested in being a part of a team that cultivates and respects talent beyond all else? Reach out to share how you believe your skills contribute to our mission.