Investing in #EdTEch: Meet Jessica Millstone and Ali Iberraken 

We are no stranger to the term ‘Gender Gap’ nor ‘Wealth Gap.’ Just as we are no stranger to the terms ‘The Future is Female’ and ‘EdTech is the Future.’ As with most modern social concepts, there is no universal consensus on the truth of these statements. But let’s take a moment to approach with curiosity. Assume you, the reader, do agree with the four sentiments above. Okay, are you there? Have you stepped into an open mind? Then I pose to you a question: How do we reconcile these contradictory beliefs and move the needle toward a more equitable future?  How can WE ALL contribute to this future?

One way is to educate ourselves. Did you know less than 2% of venture-backed startups are women-led? This week’s Learning Can’t Wait (LCW) episode, Investing in EdTech, features two impressive women, Jessica Millstone and Ali Iberraken, who have taken on the mantle of creating positive change in the education sector. They’ve each focused their efforts on creating sustainable systems that allow for individuals of all genders and backgrounds to have the opportunity to succeed in business ventures.

Jessica Millstone is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Copper Wire Ventures, a venture fund intentionally built to fund and support women in business. Copper Wire Ventures LLC grew out of a shared mission between Jessica Millstone, a 25+ year veteran of tech organizations in the education space, and a family office looking to diversify its holdings.

Jessica Millstone’s company is committed to supporting entrepreneurs from the start and helping women entrepreneurs with patient, strategic capital for their technology-driven companies, products, and services.” Copper Wire Ventures approaches this vision not just by investing in companies but supporting them through growth milestones and securing other investors.

Ali Iberraken is the second guest on this week’s LCW episode. Ali Iberraken is the CEO and Founder of Chapperone, an experiential learning platform which enables quality pedagogical practices to happen in the real world. Ali Iberraken’s mission is to encourage more opportunities for students to get out of the classroom and benefit from hands-on and real-life learning.” 

Chapperone is primarily a software platform that removes the barriers of getting students out of the classroom by offering simple solutions for teachers, student travel companies, students, and families. Their current product focuses on addressing safety concerns, selecting the most engaging activities, and supporting the time and logistic planning for these endeavors. Chapperone’s long-term vision is to independently offer educational activities, vendor access, and crowdsourced resources.

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