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Teachers and school administrators work together each year to understand student state test data and create an instructional plan designed to help students move up the proficiency curve. Though focused instruction on end-of-year testing has been shown to lead to higher test scores, lack of additional faculty for during or after school support can inhibit the effectiveness of a district’s instructional plan.


Learn how iTutor can provide your school instructional support dedicated to end of year state testing to become a part of your school’s action plan. 


Key Results:

  • State exams have earned the reputation of being ‘high stakes,’ given their use in accountability measures. Unfortunately, across many states, fewer than 50% of students are demonstrating proficiency on these exams. 
  • Test preparation services can increase test scores, but the type and duration of service are key. Research suggests at least 11 hours of synchronous tutoring is more effective than books, videos, or software programs
  • In one academic year, iTutor educators were able to help 19 districts with varying test prep needs and offer 14 hours of synchronous instruction to over 400 students.
Test Prep - iTutor Impact Brief



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