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Providing as-needed support with homework reduces stress for parents, students and educators. With the expansion of virtual access to students, online instructional support is being used widely across the country to provide solutions to families.


Not all drop-in homework help is the same. Access to a live instructor, the right learning environment, and having the same instructor for each session all impact the effectiveness of support.


Read more to see how these pillars of iTutor’s homework help solution have led to positive feedback from families nationwide.


The Highlights: 

  • Homework can be an effective tool for increasing academic achievement and family involvement can further these gains
  • Caregivers may struggle to provide homework support, with challenges balancing responsibilities or lacking the expertise in certain subject areas. To ease this homework burden, iTutor offers a drop-in Homework Help service, providing synchronous, as-needed support for academic assignments. 
  • In one academic year, iTutor hosted over 35,000 drop-in homework help sessions, totaling over 32,000 hours of instruction and supporting over 100 districts. Surveyed caregivers indicated the homework help service had provided significant relief to their nightly routine!
Homework Help - Impact Brief



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