Finding the Best Teacher Candidates in 3 Easy Steps

iTutor sources thousands of licensed educators annually. To help with your candidate sourcing, here are three tips from iTutor to help you search for quality educators.

  1. Showcase your school’s culture and unique initiatives in the job description.
    Educators searching for positions can better envision themselves as part of your staff when you highlight your school’s mission. If there are specific skill sets that a candidate has that align with your initiative, they will be more likely to highlight those in their application. This can help reduce your search time and easily choose the most qualified educators.
  2. Add teacher perks to your benefits.
    Does your PTA pay for lunch for educators once a month, or can your teachers take one mental health day a month? Even if it seems small, those benefits help teachers feel valued and appreciated. Your school will stand out as a community that puts its teachers first by including them in your benefits and hiring post!
  3. Add quotes from your teachers.
    It is not as easy to learn about a school’s culture before applying as it may be for a corporate position. Provide educators the peace of mind upfront by hearing what they love about your school at the beginning of the interview process. Teachers who have entered the workforce know it takes a lot of work to make an impact, so quotes talking about how their efforts pay off in student achievement will go a long way to enticing candidates to choose you first.

Don’t forget iTutor sources top-quality, state-certified educators nationwide to help schools challenged by teacher shortages. iTutor Educators provide full-day or part-time instruction and are supervised by the school administration team as staff members. 

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