English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Our English Language Arts program focuses on the four state mandated components of ELA including Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. At iTutor, we first evaluate your child’s literacy skills by using a Scholastic evaluation. We then match the student with one of our highly experienced tutors who develops a customized strategy to work on the areas the individual student is struggling with or could improve upon. After several tutoring sessions have been given, we administer another assessment to evaluate how much progress has been made and further target his/her strengths and weaknesses. Our language arts tutors specialize in keeping students ahead of the curve by helping them find their own unique writer’s voice, improving their reading comprehension and instilling a love of learning. After all, what is English Language Arts if not the wonderful experience of expressing oneself?


Top Program Features

  • Live Tutoring

  • Homework Help

  • Exam Preparation

  • Performance Assessments

  • 24/7 Resource Library Access

  • 24/7 Access to your Recorded Sessions

  • iTutor Enrichment Program

  • iTutor Moneyback Guarantee

Here at, all of our tutors are state certified teachers in order to provide students with the best possible experience. For English, our tutors have the experience and expertise necessary to provide the very best Home Bound instruction, credit recovery and supplemental tutoring in English Language Arts 7th - 12th, AP Language and Composition, and AP Literature and Composition.

In addition to standard classes, our tutors can provide preparatory assistance for the Comprehensive English and Common Core English Language Arts (E.L.A.) New York State Regents exams.

Each student gets to create their own academic library. Recorded tutoring sessions are an ideal way to preview material before a lesson and review information to prepare for an assessment. This library, also available to parents and school administrators, creates accountability and is an excellent way to monitor the student’s progress.

Since there is no commuting involved, tutors are available way beyond the usual time-frame and can accommodate a child’s ever-growing busy schedule! This can be particularly helpful for young athletes and students involved in after-school activities.

Another wonderful benefit of online tutoring is that parents do not need to be home to supervise. So not only does iTutor suit the student’s schedule, but it finally frees up the parents to set up tutoring at anytime!

While not always immediately obvious to all of us, the issue of personal space is an important dynamic in the tutor-student relationship. As students mature into adulthood they are navigating the unfamiliar territory of leaving childhood behind and approaching their future in the adult world. As we all know, the pre-teen and teenage years are filled with awkward moments of exploring one’s identity and their new and changing relationships to authority. Self-advocacy and individuation become increasingly important parts of their development and respected boundaries of personal space become a crucial feature in the young adult’s life in order to feel comfortable and safe. Well-meaning tutors leaning over a student’s notebook or sitting right next to them at the kitchen table can feel a little overwhelming to some students. The space students have in online tutoring fosters a sense of control and independence and the student gets to feel as comfortable as possible in their own home or in any other learning environment they choose.

There are few things more exciting and engaging for young people today than technology. As tutors share videos, documents and fun anecdotes across the interactive whiteboard, students engage effortlessly through a medium they are all too well acquainted with.

Online tutoring eliminates the concern of spreading germs from student to teacher and teacher to student. As some students need to be particularly careful about their environment, iTutor offers them a wonderful way to not only maintain their credits, but to stay engaged.

iTutor Guarantee

iTutor Guarantee

We teach our students with the premiere interactive online whiteboard technology. Our virtual classroom has an embedded whiteboard, built-in video and voice chat, image uploading, file sharing and much more. This revolutionary method of online teaching enables the student to receive a quality lesson from certified and highly experienced tutors from the comfort of the student's home, dorm room or anywhere an internet connection is available. If you are not completely satisfied with your online tutoring experience, we request you to contact us and our team will take the necessary steps to solve any problems encountered with our sessions. Students using iTutor are guaranteed to excel or your money back. No really, just ask. We guarantee it.