iTutor ENL/Bilingual Instruction supports schools with their changing demographics and growing population of English language learners. We understand that English as a new language may be difficult for students and in efforts to support this, sources ESL teachers for a personalized learning solution. This bilingual instruction targets the skills students need to excel in their studies and exams.

Benefits of using iTutor for ENL/Bilingual Instruction

Recorded sessions are a great learning tool for students learning the English language as well as bilingual students reviewing their lessons to study.
Individual and small groups (up to 3) allow for a personalized approach
Students feel comfortable working from the comfort of their homes
“Using iTutor is great and I’m glad that I’m using it because it helps a lot. The tutor that I’m working with is great and I like the way that she explains everything. I love iTutor because I have faith that it would help me and other students that are having problems with Math.”
- Rosario B.,Student