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Credit-bearing Instruction

Full-time or part-time instruction of credit-bearing courses to ensure no student falls behind.

homebound instruction

Bring the classroom curriculum home with the help of our highly-experienced, state certified teachers. iTutor provides a classroom without walls that synchs with the brick and mortar school experience so that homebound students can excel along with their classmates.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Align home instruction to synch with the curriculum taught in brick-and-mortar schools
  • Coordinate, monitor, and assess the entire teaching process
  • Support families and students with consistent, high quality lessons

Access top-quality, state certified educators available nationwide to help address teacher shortage. iTutor Educators provide full-day or part-time instruction and are supervised by the school administration team as staff members.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Fill full-time or part-time staffing needs, including co-teacher positions
  • Offer customized, high-engagement, high-quality courses to individual students or groups
  • Instruction available from school or home, anytime throughout the day

Offer high school students a flexible way to recover course credit where they have previously not succeeded. iTutor’s online instruction allows students to re-take courses or re-do specific coursework to fulfill course requirements. Recovery courses can conveniently be completed from any location, anytime, to restore credits students need to graduate.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Offer partial or full credit recovery for a wide array of subjects
  • Help at-risk students get back on track for academic success and on-time graduation
  • Assist vulnerable students with psychosocial support to build the confidence they need for academic success

Provide students and families with a safe and effective method for children facing suspension. iTutor’s state certified instructors ensure the completion of schoolwork with a focus on psychosocial support designed to increase students’ chances of academic success.

The iTutor Advantage:

  • Support families and students with consistent, high-quality lessons to keep them on-track
  • Align home instruction to synch with the curriculum taught in brick-and-mortar schools
  • Help prevent students from falling behind their peers during their suspension period

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Support Every Learner

Instruction with iTutor Educators allows you to mix and match from a variety of options to customize a
learning solution designed to meet the unique needs of your students.

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Bilingual Educators

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Educator Prep Time

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