Teenage boy studies in school library

Build an Impactful Tutoring Program

Individual needs of students vary greatly, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Why should tutoring opportunities look any different?


Studies show effective tutoring programs should be structured using the following standards to ensure an impact on student achievement:

  1. Schedule sessions close together.

  2. Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

  3. Consistent instructors from one session to the next.

  4. Structured opportunity to apply new knowledge.


There are many ways schools can utilize these standards to implement an intervention strategy that serves all students across their community.


During School

  • Anytime: A single iTutor Educator can be projected to a group of homogeneous students on one computer for support on a specific set of standards determined by the classroom teacher.


  • Study hall: Students can log into the iTutor virtual platform on individual devices for 1:1 or small group instructions tailored to their needs while all sitting in the same classroom.


  • Instructional periods: Small groups can work with iTutor educators during break-out sessions allowing the classroom teacher to focus on supporting one small group daily.


After School

  • At home: Intervention sessions can be provided after school, sports & clubs from home while students log in from their personal devices.


  • Library: By utilizing one or two aides, multiple students can log in from their own devices for one-on-one or small group support.


  • Late nights & weekends: After-hour tutoring can support students when employment or childcare may hinder students from accessing traditional tutoring opportunities.

iTutor’s flexible tutoring options allow schools to develop multiple pathways for students to access intervention services just right for their needs. Increased attendance, academic growth, and expanded confidence are just some of the outcomes you can expect from students with the right implementation model.


Are you a school administrator interested in how you can incorporate online tutors into your school system? Schedule a meeting with one of our regional account executives to design a plan exclusive to your students learning needs.