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Benefits of Credit Recovery Programs

The Importance of Early Intervention

In March of 2018, the United States Department of Education released a report from a survey that gathered findings on strategies for drop-out prevention geared towards at-risk high school students. It was found that in 2015-16, the high school graduation rate climbed to a record high of 84%. These results can be accredited to high schools adopting various strategies, as cited in this report, that are designed to steer at-risk students on track to earn the credits needed for graduation through the help of credit recovery programs.

The study cites credit recovery programs were most successful when:

  • Intervention happened soon after the first marking period to prevent further decline in grade point average
  • Assigned coursework is rigorous
  • Courses are aligned to state standards and offered with flexible pacing, frequent progress monitoring, and individualized instruction
  • Instruction is live, personalized, and led by a state-certified teacher

iTutor’s Credit Recovery Program Meets All of the Above and More

Our instructional strategies serve as a solution to school districts across the country by providing customized programs designed to help all students achieve academic success, and fulfill district missions. We understand that early identification of at-risk students is crucial to helping close the achievement gap and steer students back on track for academic success—in line with their graduation cohort. Our online tutoring and teaching platform does not operate with pre-programmed or self-paced functionalities as all sessions are conducted by a live, state-certified Educator in real-time. We encourage high schools and middle schools to identify at-risk students as early as possible.

Studies show that middle school students who display steady signs of poor academic and social performance are at a higher risk of dropping out of high school. Upon completion of the first marking period, we strongly suggest that schools identify at-risk students and enroll them in our rigorous Credit Recovery Program, which includes:

  • Standards-aligned content
  • Live, one-to-one, small group or whole-class virtual instruction with a state-certified teacher
  • An experienced Educator from our network of state-certified teachers
  • Personalized online instruction tailored to the specific needs of students based on strengths and weakness; plus, monitoring of continual student progress
  • Recorded online sessions available to students for unlimited playback, serving as an effective study tool

Is your school district looking for an effective credit recovery program for middle school or high school? Email to get connected with an education specialist.